Winter at university was never a good time for the members of Bluejuice. Concentrating on “Oedipal Complexes of The Leopard Slug and Resulting Ramifications For High Density Housing” was difficult in all that cold, and all that darkness. Hard times indeed.

They survived though, and this winter, instead of insisting daily that their manager make them slow-cooked meals with polenta on the side, Bluejuice have decided to try and ease the plight of freezing students by touring the universities of Australia.

The “Winter Of Our Discotheque” Tour coincides with the release of Bluejuice’s fourth single, “The Recession (Winter Of Our Discotheque Remix)”, a song re-assembled for the dancefloor by multi-platinum producer, Styalz Fuego.

Joining Bluejuice on their academic odyssey will be Deep Sea Arcade and The Preachers.