BLUEJUICE have pashed a grandmother, jump-roped their way to being grand champions, leapt from a plane and stormed the streets as religious zealots to get their music heard and loved. With new single S.O.S, BLUEJUICE are back to rid the world of douchebags. They’ll save our streets one stage at a time; today announcing a run of shows in November and revealing a new single and video.

S.O.S was recorded in London and produced Blue May and Alexander Burnett who last worked with the band on their infamous single ‘Act Yr Age’. The east London location and a great song attracted an “all-star” cast to the recording session including Sam Beste on piano and Ade Omotayo who were both permanent members of the Amy Winehouse’s band, and Vula Malinga on backing vocals whose past credits include a feature vocal on the Basement Jaxx ‘Oh My Gosh’.

The S.O.S video pays homage to the 90s classic Ghostbusters. The twist being that our modern day heroes Jake, Stav and Jamie are fighting a one-band war against douchebags instead of ghosts. BLUEJUICE aka “Douchebusters” are a trio of men with the combined emotional depth of a ham sandwich. Their dedication to their cause has earned them international gratitude and their mission is a benevolent one; upholding their duty to global harmony and the promotion of a douche-free world. Who better to balance the books than three psychopathic drunks with an arsenal of laser weaponry? Their mission statement: “Do as we say, not as we douche.”

Premiering on Channel [V]’s The Riff, the video calls on the acting prowess of comedian Merrick Watts, Channel [V] presenter Danny Clayton, triple j breakfast duo Tom and Alex, along with The Bachelor and Australian Idol host Osher Günsberg. Watch the video here.

Bluetooth-ing on the bus? Sun-tanning mid winter? Trout-pouting in family photos? Forget the ‘douche jar’ and useless trolling, BLUEJUICE will bust their asses on your behalf. Who you gonna #? #DOUCHEBUSTERS

BLUEJUICE’s new single ‘S.O.S’ is released digitally on Friday, September 27 via Dew Process/Universal Music Australia.